What is intuitive coaching?

The challenges and struggles you face in learning to survive and thrive have forged who you are, including your habits and your sense of identity--who you are, what you believe, and how you choose to live.  This identity is everything you believe about yourself, and it is forged with influences your family, society, religion, major life events and culture. 

You are also a being who dreams and wishes to create, influence, impact or enjoy life to the fullest potential you feel you are able.  Blockages occur in the spaces where your dreams are incompatible with what you believe is possible for you and your life.

As a coach, it is my job to help you not only discover what these blockages are, but also arm you with the tools to develop the emotional strength to go out and achieve those dreams.  I focus on highlighting your strengths and natural talent, on clearing out old baggage that has you feeling like you’re stuck in place, on getting clear on the life that you want, and on helping you focus on the action it takes to bring those dreams into the in which reality you live.